• SBP30
  • SBP30


30㎥ Concrete Batching Plant

  • Nominal Capacity:30 Cubm/hr
  • Number of Aggregate Bins: 3
  • Conditions:

    Producing various kinds of concrete including quaking concrete and hard concrete, suitable for large or medium scale building works, road and bridge works and precast concrete plants.

  • Advanced Twin Shaft Mixer; Inline Bin Aggregate Storage; High Efficiency; Easy to Assemble & Transport
  • 24-Hour Online Support
  • Global Service Network
  • Technical Solutions

Twin Shaft Mixer
The 30㎥ concrete batching plant uses the new and improved Twin Shaft Mixer, which outputs an even, high-quality mix at high efficiency and low maintenance cost

Centralized Lubrication System
The centralized lubrication system for the twin-shaft mixer has a patented closed self-lubicating end shaft design. It is easy to maintain, and the mixer unit operates for an extended service life.

Ergonomic Design

The control cabin is spacious and even air conditioned! The built-in superior control system gives you complete control over the batching plant SBP30.