India Cement Plant Project


In 2007, Sany crawler crane SCC800 was chosen by India Simplex Company, one of the construction leaders in India for nearly 90 years executing projects with consistent quality assurance and cost control ,for the cement plant construction in Calcutta.

During the construction period, Sany crawler crane SCC800 handled the heavy-duty loads and reached the designated position with little mistakes, showing perfect lifting capacity and excellent micro-operation ability. With reliable components and super design, the machine showed great durability and guaranteed safe and comfort operation.


In order to catch up with the tight schedule, Sany crawler crane SCC800 worked for constant hours in the site despite the bad weather with strong wind or hot sun. Sany engineers and technicians were in the site all the time to provide necessary operation guidance and maintenance, which greatly reduced the troubleshooting time and improved working efficiency.

Sany SCC800 greatly shortened the working schedule with excellent performance and completed the project in high quality, which obtained highly praise from the customer, who showed strong intent to establish long-term cooperation relationship with Sany.