Sri Lanka Livelihood Project


User: Kokkaddicholai Township Government

Background Information:To improve people’s livelihood, Sri Lanka Government has bought 87 SAG120 Motor Graders for one time and distributed the devices to 87 government departments. The devices are mainly used to construct and maintain the rural roads.


Construction Introduction:87 motor graders have been delivered to Sri Lanka in two batches in the end of Year 2014 and in the beginning of Year 2015. Currently these devices have been put into operation. In less than half a year, some devices have worked for more than 700 hours during which no device shut down due to faults.
Since the devices are distributed in 87 different regions, it is a severe test for SANY’s after-sales service. Since the beginning of the construction, the emerged devices faults such as rearview mirror damage, glass damage, AC compressor damage, and oil leakage have been timely treated by SANY Sri Lanka service engineers and its agent Walkers Devices, which ensured the sound operation of the devices. In addition, the agent has regularly gone to various regions to inspect and maintain the devices.
Meanwhile, SANY headquarters was also paying attention to this batch of graders. In June this year, the vice president of Road Machine Research Institute reached Sri Lanka to investigate the use of this batch of devices. He not only detailedly inquired the agent about the common device faults and checked the damaged parts, but also visited the customers in the central and south region of Sri Lanka to check the use of the devices. The visited customers all reflected that the graders were in normal operation and acknowledged the quality of SANY graders. Some customers reflected that among the similar devices made in China, SANY grader was the most stable and had the fewest faults.