• SDCY90K8C2
  • SDCY90K8C2


9 Ton Empty Container Handler

  • Max. Loading Capacity:9t
  • Wheel Base:4550mm
  • Stacking Height:8(8'6")
  • Intelligent spreader and lifting control and protection systems
  • 24-Hour Online Support
  • Global Service Network
  • Technical Solutions

World Class Logistics Equipment Supplier

The 9 ton empty container handler is a workhorse in the container yard. Constantly moving, maneuvering, lifting and setting.

Productivity is the key to profitability, and machine uptime is the key to productivity. SANY empty-container handlers are engineered for grueling long shifts in all weather conditions.

Safe and Reliable

Anti-Jamming Alarm Technology

An alarm system located on the mast protects the lifting chain from jamming.

Rollover Protection System

In the event of a hazardous working condition, the rollover protection system will activate audible and visual alarms and decelerate the machine.

Intelligent System

The handler incorporates redundant CAN-Bus technology to transfer data between the engine, transmission, pump valves and other vital components. The result is a highly efficient and reliable architecture that keeps the machine operational during non-critical alerts.


All models feature heavy-load Kessler drive axles for longevity and durability. Numerous air-sealed wet brakes prevent contamination and reduce wear. The parking brake utilizes a drive shaft-mounted disc brake.

High Efficiency

Maximum Versatility

SANY's fast-activating locking mechanism and torsion resistant frame help the truck stack 20- to 40-foot containers with optimum precision and a maximum capacity of 10 U.S. tons. When equipped for single-stacking, the machine can place up to 8 containers high, while double-stacking permits hoisting two containers together.

Maximum Strength in Perfect Balance

SANY 9 ton empty container handler is built on a unique, heavy-duty chassis and engineered with industry-leading components. A Cummins diesel engine with rate power of 220 hp (164 kW) / 2300 rpm delivers high torque, and load-sensing hydraulics harness this power for increased efficiency and performance.

Fixed-Shaft Power Shift Transmission

Equipped with modulated dual-mode transmissions, the handler can operate in automatic or manual shifting mode. A de-clutching feature disengages the transmission when parked. An engine mounted torque converter and electronically controlled hydraulics make driving smooth and easy.

Comfort and Environmental Friendly

Power-on-Demand Reduces Wear, Fuel Consumption and Environmental Impact

SANY's load-sensing hydraulic system automatically detects load weight and calculates the power necessary for quick and smooth operation. This allows the machine to deliver exactly the right amount of power for every lift, while saving fuel and reducing emissions and noise.

The Premium of Comfort

Operator productivity correlates directly with operator comfort. Few things are as important as an ergonomic and intuitive layout. The 9 ton empty container handler features open floor spaces, superb visibility and maximum adjustability. Electronic controls also reduce driver fatigue.