Small Excavator, the Best Choice in Farmland Improvement


Small excavator is not only used in city construction but also plays an important role in the farmland improvement. With the fast development of the countryside, machine has replaced the human power and become the main force in farming activities. In recent years, the rural modernization has put forwarded more and higher demands to the agricultural machinery, therefore, the small excavator with features of compact body, ease of operation, high efficiency and low fuel consumption becomes the first and best choice in farmland improvement.


Generally, the farmland improvement includes ditching, land grading and road leveling. When trenching, the excavator should keep level and stable, which is the basis of making a straight trench. As for the land grading and leveling, the machine should move with a low speed and keep the track in a straight line. Being compact and flexible, the small excavator is ease of operation and can shuttle in the field freely. The reinforced components ensures the excavator make stable performance even in the complicated working environment. It takes shorter time for a machine to complete the work than human power, for example, the machine can finish the work within half day, which may take several days for man to complete, thus greatly improving working efficiency. What is more, the machine is easy to be maintained with an integrated whole body and reliable components, which saves maintaining cost.


The application of small excavator in the farmland improvement greatly increases working efficiency while reduces labor cost, which has become an important part in making contributions to the rural construction and development. We believe that the small machine will become an indispensable part in leading people building their beautiful hometown and creating happy life.