Sany 45 Ton Excavator, the King of Mine


Sany 45 ton excavator is specially designed for mine market. The tailored-made design makes the machine characterized with high reliability, heavy load bearing ability and low fuel consumption. These advantages can't separate with the support of advanced technology, which includes inherent filtration system, powerful engine, separate radiator, reliable components with service life extending to 10000 hours.

In order to create the maximum productivity in mine construction, this large excavator adopts inherent filtration system and high-precision fuel filter system, which make the fuel cleanliness standard meet with the requirement of the engine emission. The powerful engine not only satisfies the specified emission standard, but also matches with the working conditions in mines. In additions, the separate hydraulic radiators greatly improve the heat dissipation of the hydraulic oil, thus guaranteeing the excellent operating performance and hydraulic system life. The 45 ton excavator is equipped with Sany genuine components and the newly designed appearance is robust, strong and simple. All of the specifications are in the leading position of the industry, which makes the machine outstanding among the excavators in the same tonnage.


This large digger has passed the strictest test system. The testing standard is 30% higher than the industry. The experiment for durability and adaptability in mine lasts for 2 years in order to ensure the machine keep a good performance in harsh conditions. The service life of its hydraulic parts, covering parts, engine and radiator is much longer than the industry.

The nearly perfect experiment results are the source of confidence for Sany 45 ton excavator to capture the market and conquer the mines. As the king of mine, this large excavator can create the maximum profits for customers as well as inject fresh blood and energy for the industry.




Overall Weight:

Engine Power:

Bucket Capacity:
1.0 m³


Operating Weight:

Engine Power:

Bucket Capacity:

SY35U-Tier 3

Operating weight:
3780 kg

Engine Power:

Bucket Capacity:


Overall Weight:

Engine Power:

Bucket Capacity:
0.93 m³