220 Ton All Terrain Crane Operating Techniques


With multi-axle drive, full-wheel steering and super climbing capability, the 220 ton all-terrain crane not only can make long and fast travelling as truck crane but also can be used in narrow space and rough terrains. Possessing strong lifting capacity and stable chassis system, the all-terrain crane has a huge market potential.

All-terrain crane has a big body, the maximum weight of which can be 600 tons. It is not easy to maintain such a big machine and it will be very troublesome if the crane breaks down. Keep calm first if the crane stops working and find the best solution to solve the problems as soon as possible. Blind maintenance may cause more damages to the machine. Therefore, the crane operator should have a good knowledge of the maintenance guidelines, which not only can reduce downtime but also can extend the service life of the 220 ton all-terrain crane and save cost. Now we will share some operating and maintenance techniques as following.


1. Make sure that the machine's size, load capacity and quality are within the specified limit before driving the crane.

2. When driving, the crane operator should strictly obey the traffic rules and regulations. For example, the driver should have the safety belt securely fastened to prevent any accidents.

3. The crane operator should choose the safest driving speed according to the vehicle model, load capacity and weight. Driving at over speed is forbidden.

4. Both the crane jib and hook should be set in a safe position. If possible, the jib and hook can be dismantled before transporting to the destination.

5. When inflating the tires, ensure that air pressure is in accordance with recommended tire pressure.

6. Observe the height stipulations when the 22 ton all-terrain crane is passing an overpass or overhead wires to avoid impact.




Operating Weight:

Engine Power:

Bucket Capacity:

SY35U-Tier 3

Operating weight:
3780 kg

Engine Power:

Bucket Capacity:


Overall Weight:

Engine Power:

Bucket Capacity:
1.0 m³


Overall Weight:

Engine Power:

Bucket Capacity:
0.93 m³