2 Tonne Excavator Operating Techniques


Being compact and flexible, 2 tonne excavator can be used in narrow space where other machines can’t reach, thus becoming a very common sight in various constructions. However, achieving the maximum productivity largely depends on how the machine is operated. It is very necessary to learn some operating techniques which can help improve working efficiency and make the most of your machine value.

Regular check should be made before starting the machine. Check indicator and gauge lights. Test all boom, slew and blade controls. Examine the fuel oil level to make sure it is sufficient enough to power the machine. Make sure that all the bolts are tight and complete. Set the machine in idle running for 5 to 10 minutes with no load to make the hydraulic oil temperature reach 40℃. Pay attentions to the ambient to make sure no one is in your path or around.


When travelling the 2 tonne excavator, steer the machine in a line as straight as possible with low speed and make small gradual changes in direction where necessary. Slow the machine down when going over rough terrains. When travelling up a slope, the boom arm should be extended forward with the bucket positioned low to the ground to counter balance the machine, which will allow for the bucket to be quickly dropped to grip the ground should the machine start to slip down the slope. While travelling down a slope the boom arm should be positioned forward with the bucket positioned low and flat to the ground allowing it to be used as a break if needed. After finishing work, park the machine on hard and flat ground with the bucket lowered to the ground. To avoid fuel oil condensation, refill the tank using the appropriate diesel fuel that is indicated in the 2 tonne excavator operating manual.



SY35U-Tier 3

Operating weight:
3780 kg

Engine Power:

Bucket Capacity:


Operating Weight:

Engine Power:

Bucket Capacity:


Overall Weight:

Engine Power:

Bucket Capacity:
1.0 m³


Overall Weight:

Engine Power:

Bucket Capacity:
0.93 m³