How to Maintain the New Excavator Machine in Breaking-in Period?


The breaking-in period refers to the trial running time of the new excavator machine, the purpose of which is to make the operator familiar with the machine and draw up maintenance plan according to the machine’s performance. Proper maintenance in the breaking-in period is very important, which can lay a solid foundation for the machine to perform well in the future.


The machine in the breaking-in period should be operated in low speed, which can be reduced to 30%. Avoid bearing the machine with too much loads, which should be reduced to 20%-30%. Before starting the engine, preparations should be made and the operation should be strictly followed as specified. The engine should be set in idle running for 3-5 minutes and started to work with loads when the temperature of the cooling water increases to 40℃. The excavator machine in the breaking-in period should dig soft soil and the loading amount should not exceed 50% of the bucket capacity. Later, the loading amount can be increased but should not exceed 75% of the bucket capacity. What is more, lubrication is also very important, which is an effective way to protect the machine from rusting. Keep the lubricating oil clean and replace it if it is contaminated or stops working.

Regular check should be made to make sure all of the components are in normal working. Special attentions should be paid to the connective parts, such as the bearings, gears and bolts. Malfunction should be solved immediately once found to avoid causing more damages to the machine. Breaking-in period is a process in which the operator and the excavator machine get familiar with each other and be fully equipped for creating the maximum productivity.




Overall Weight:

Engine Power:

Bucket Capacity:
0.93 m³


Operating Weight:

Engine Power:

Bucket Capacity:

SY35U-Tier 3

Operating weight:
3780 kg

Engine Power:

Bucket Capacity:


Overall Weight:

Engine Power:

Bucket Capacity:
1.0 m³