Sany Marine Heavy Industry Signs Contract with Nehru Port


Sany Global

Recently at the 2016 Indian Marine Summit in Bombay, the Sany Marine Heavy Industry signed a port machinery contract, valuing 15.38 million USD with Indian Nehru Port Authority. This big order includes 15 electronic rubber-tyre container gantry cranes, which will be delivered into use in 2017 in two batches. Deepak Garg, CEO of Sany India, NitinGadkari, Indian Transport Minister, Anil Diggikar, chairman of Nehru Port and A J Lokhande, general engineer attended the contract signing ceremony.


A J Lokhande said that the purpose of purchasing Sany's electronic rubber-tyre container gantry cranes is to meet the increasing import and export demands of Nehru Port, which, as the container gateway of India, plays a vital role in import-export business and also provides services for many crucial industry and manufacture centers in northwest India. In 2015, its capacity has achieved to 4.4 million TEU, accounting for 41% of Indian national TEU capacity. A J Lokhande added.

“This order will help Sany improve its brand influence and extend its business into India's port machinery.” Deepak Garg said. The electronic rubber-tyre container gantry cranes equipment with top-notch technology, efficiency and performance will be produced in Sany’s Zhuhai Industrial Park in China's Guangzhou province. Sany will not only help Nehru Port enhance efficiency and reduce operation cost, but also dedicate to improving its modernization. He added.


Sany Marine Heavy Industry owns products of 16 categories under more than 150 specifications, including reach stocker, fork lift truck, quay crane, Transtainer, and portal crane. Nowadays, the port machinery of Sany has been sold around the world and entered into the top ten ports of the world. Sany Marine Heavy Industry will create high-end national brands in the future, being expected to be the general contractor in the design, manufacture and operation of the world-class engineering ships and marine equipments.



SY35U-Tier 3

Operating weight:
3780 kg

Engine Power:

Bucket Capacity:


Overall Weight:

Engine Power:

Bucket Capacity:
1.0 m³


Overall Weight:

Engine Power:

Bucket Capacity:
0.93 m³


Operating Weight:

Engine Power:

Bucket Capacity: