Port Logistics Solution


SANY port equipment is mainly used in port and wharf to handle, transport and stack containers and other heavy-duty materials. Being safe, reliable and ease of operation, SANY India port machines can be used in various working environments, what is more, SANY India provides full set of port logistics solution to satisfy customers’ demands.

  • SRSC1009-6E


    10 Ton Reach Stacker

    Overall Weight:39t

    Wheel Base:5000mm

    Max. Load:10t

  • SCPS500


    50 Ton Variable Reach Truck

    Rated Capacity:50t

    Load Center:1200mm

    Max Lifting Height:6550mm

  • SCP4604


    46 Ton Heavy Duty Forklift

    Rated Capacity:46t

    Load Center:1200mm

    Max Lifting Height:5000mm

  • SDCY90K8C2


    9 Ton Empty Container Handler

    Max. Loading Capacity:9t

    Wheel Base:4550mm

    Stacking Height:8(8'6")

  • SRSC45C2


    45 Ton Reach Stacker

    Overall Weight:72t

    Wheel Base:6000mm

    Max. Load:45t