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HBT 12020C-5M

Max. Output 120cum/hr

Max. Delivery Pressure: 21MPA

Rated Engine Power:297 KW

Delivery Cylinder Bore & Stroke:200 X 2100 MM

Hopper Capacity:0.7 Cum

HBT 12020C-5M

This Ultra High pressure series pump capable of producing the concrete pressures upto 20MPa (200 bar) and has a higher output rate of 120m3/hr. This Pump is equipped with self-diagnosis technology monitoring the real time pumping parameters such as output, number of strokes per minute, engine rpm, pump hour meter etc. The Self-Diagnosis capabilities of this pump reduce the trouble shooting time upto 70%. More than 50 faults in real time can be diagnosed and history of faults can be retrieved.

A Faster, More Efficient Design

Pressure difference sensing and reversing technology, as well as main oil pump electric proportional control buffering technology to decrease reversing time. As such, SANY pump is able optimize the main oil cylinder and swing cylinder buffering & reversing time matching, resulting in extremely high-efficiency pumping.

Powerful Mixing Motor Handles Everything

Forced feeding by large-displacement and large-torque steel ball motor. The motor mixes normally when there is an aggregate difference and the hopper is heightened, preventing the mixing motor from getting stuck and improving aggregate absorption performance.

Large-bore Reversing Cylinder

SANY's pumping system uses a large-bore reversing cylinder to make reversing powerful and completely avoid pipe blocking.

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