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HBT 9028CH-5S

Max. Output 95cum/hr

Max. Delivery Pressure: 28MPA

Rated Engine Power:2X180 KW

Delivery Cylinder Bore & Stroke:200 X 2100 MM

Hopper Capacity:0.7 Cum

HBT 9028CH-5S

Second pump from the stable of Ultra High Pressure Series Pumps produced by Sany. This Ultra High Pressure pump is used in vertical pumping of concrete in many of the world’s tallest structures. Capable of producing a concrete pressure (delivery pressure) upto 28Mpa(280 bar). Sany HBT9028CH-5S trailer pump has maximum output of 95m3/hr equipped with self-diagnosis technology. This advanced technology monitors and displays the live pumping parameters. More than 50 faults can be seen through “History of Faults” on the SYLD display menu. This technologically advanced trailer pump is capable of reducing the troubles shooting time by 70%, granting you both time and peace of mind.

Pressure Difference Sensing & Reversing Hydraulic System

With pressure difference sensing and reversing technology, in addition to electro-hydraulic proportional buffering technology, the pump is able to filter impurities self-cyclically with an open-type system, keeping the hydraulic oil clean and cooled. This helps maximize system efficiency, mitigate abrasion between parts, thereby prolonging the pump's service life and reducing maintenance costs.

Large-flow High-efficiency Main Valve System

The system adopts high-pressure, large-flow, and electro-hydraulic precision control main valve, as well as an integrated valve bank with an optimized runner design. The system is able to sport a short reversing time, low pressure loss, cooler temperatures, and high reliability for the user.

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