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HBT 9035CH-5M

Max. Output 90cum/hr

Max. Delivery Pressure: 35MPA

Rated Engine Power:2 X 297 KW

Delivery Cylinder Bore & Stroke:180 X 2100 MM

Hopper Capacity:0.7 Cum

HBT 9035CH-5M

Sany HBT9035CH-5M trailer pump has maximum output of 90 cubic meter per hour, equipped with self-diagnosis technology monitoring the pump status at any time as well as diagnosing more than 50 faults in real time. The 90 cubic meter trailer pump is capable of reducing the troubles shooting time by 70%, granting you both time and peace of mind.

Back-up System

When the peripheral test loop incurs faults during the construction process, “Compulsory” pump operation can be activated for emergency handling.

Improved Performance

Use a dedicated pumping motion controller that integrates a classic pumping algorithm and function libraries, resulting in an increased arithmetic speed and overall improved performance. Applicability, and easily handle high-difficulty concrete.

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