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SYT250 (T7527-12)

Free standing height: 51m

Max lifting capacity: 12t

Jib length/Tip load: 75m/2.7t

SYT250 (T7527-12)

SANY hammerhead tower crane has coverage from 6t-16t lifting capacity. The hoisting, slewing and trolleying mechanisms are designed to make the tower cranes produce fast speed, great lifting capacity, and wide reach. With high-end configuration, intelligent safety technologies and optimal structure, our tower cranes for sale are suitable for lifting large and heavy building materials on the most demanding jobsites.

Durability and Reliability

High quality Q345B steel, key link pin shafts specially treated for salt spraying resistance, stamping molding bar with weld flaw detection all contribute to the strong structure of our tower crane, providing you the machine with a long service life.

Anti-Disassembly Protection

Should any of the safe devices e.g. load moment limiter, lifting height limiter, slewing limiter, and weight limiter was disassembled in violation, SANY tower crane would stop working till the problem being solved.

Self-Diagnosis of Fault

Self-diagnosis of faults including lifting height, inclination angle, overload, wind speed, circuit error of CAN network or load sensor, SANY tower crane can also send alarm warning the operator in time to prevent the tower crane from tipping over.

Anti-Collision Warning

When many tower cranes working on the same construction site, SANY tower crane can target the other crane that might cause intervention or collision and send sound-light alarm in advance for the operator to act in time.

Rigorous Tests

Finite element analysis and rigorous fatigue tests have been carried out to ensure that no potential safety hazard of structural design in actual working condition will occur.

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