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22m Super Long Reach Hydraulic Excavator-SY545C-10LR

Operating Weight: 54500 Kg

Rated Engine Power: 403 HP (300kW)/ 1800 rpm

Boom: 12000 mm

Arm: 10000 mm

Bucket: 1.0 m³

22m Super Long Reach Hydraulic Excavator-SY545C-10LR

 SANY SY545C-10LR is advanced 10-Series long reach excavator designed with more power & higher working ranges to fulfill the segment Customer need. SANY 55T long reach excavator provides a massive dig envelope, a stable working platform, and low ground pressure. The SY545C-9 long reach excavator designed to dig deeper, with a reach of over 22m & digging depth over 16m.The powerful & fuel efficient 403hp ISUZU engine with optimized positive flow hydraulic system delivers class leading performance. Reliable & Durable major aggregates with robust structures are adopted for touble-free longer period operation with minimum operating cost.

High on Performance

SANY SY545C-10LR equipped with CRDI Engine & advanced positive flow hydraulic system which ensures higher output & Fuel efficiency. Minimized hydrulic oil flow & pressure loss reduction technology adopted on SANY 10-Series excavators to perform better in variety of applications. SANY SY545C-10LR comes with innovative regeration system in which hydraulic oil recycled across the cylinders for faster cycle times & reduced fuel consumption. Hydraulic Flow summation sytem & Boom priority system also ensures higher productivity. Advance Intelligent control system called DOMCS with 11 various power modes give optimum output & fuel efficiency as per the actual site conditions.

High on Reliability

SY545C-10LR structures are specially manufactured with thicker steel plates & reinforcement plates to withstand more load while using in extreme working range conditions. D-shaped upper structure increases strength & reduces stresses. The upper structure Boom mounting area is heavily reinforced to withstand high loads. Heavy-duty undercarriage with forged ring body & thicker mono-piece X-frame provides stable and rugged platform while working with long reach attachment. The Idler area is strengthened with anti-collision ribs.

High on Serviceability

All Filters are located in centralzed locations, where they can be easily accessed and replaced. It reduces machine downtime & keeps your machine more productive. Radiator & oil cooler can be serviced individually as they are mounted side by side. Centralized Auto Lubriccation system saves maintenance time & error proof greasing. Long service interval leads to high machine uptime & low operating cost. Advanced Telematics system called EVI helps the Customer to remotely manage their machine very easily.

High on operator comfort

Specially design pressurized & ultra silent 10-series cabin not only improves operator comfort but also improves overall machine productivity. A spacious cabin with effortless joysticks leads to fatigue less operation during long hours of continuous working. SANY's Auto Climate Controlled AC option offers precisely controlled cab temperature with fresh air. Fully adjustable wider suspension seat for more operator comfort. Overall visibility is more as compared to rivalrous due to single piece RH window & transparent roof cover.

High on Safety

SY545C-10LR comes with best-in-class safety featues like FOPS complied cabin, front bottom & top cabin guards, Hydraulic accumulators, Anti-restart system & Hydraulic Lock Anti-Engine Cranking System, etc enhance the operator as well as equipment safety. Camera option provided to enhance the dig-end visibility while working in toughest applications. SANY's long reach excavator specially designed with under covers & belly guards as STD  to protect hydraulic components. Major focus on operator safety by offering seat belt, fire extinguisher, easy escape emergency window, etc  are standard offering with SY545C-10LR

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