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35Ton Large Hydraulic Tracked Excavator-SY350C-9LC HD

Operating Weight: 34300 Kg

Rated Engine Power: 256 HP @2000rpm

Boom: 6400 mm

Arm: 2400 mm/2900 optional

Bucket: 2.0Cum GP/1.5Cum HD/3Cum Coal bucket

35Ton Large Hydraulic Tracked Excavator-SY350C-9LC HD

The SY 350LC-9H series excavators developed by SANY adopts major breakthroughs ranging from power system to control system for high efficiency and energy savings. This, in addition to insistence on Quality-In-Everything-We-Do’ has delivered the world class excavators best suited for the multitude of your work requirements with superior advantages of uninterrupted operations, unmatched productivity at better fuel economy, helping you make more profits.

High on Reliability

Heavy duty and reinforced structures makes this machine exceptional in this class by offering enhanced reliability.
Additional care has been taken to protect the machine from damage while working in toughest applications like quarry, marble & Granite with Upper frame side skirt, forged boom and arm pivot ends, strengthened track frame and forged swing ring body. HD & well protected bucket provides longer life.

High on Performance

SY350LC-9H is powered by well renowned reliable Isuzu 6 cylinder air cooled with turbocharger & air to air intercooler, with exceptional power and work capacity without compromising on fuel economy.
Customized mode selections with hydraulic regeneration, boom priority system, hydraulic flow summation system ensures more power to the ground for heavy duty application while maintaining excellent fuel efficiency.

Efficient Hydraulic Aggregates

Third Generation hydraulic Pump, 9 series control valve and swing motor with anti-rebound valve ensure efficient performance for machine and maximizes productivity with reduced fuel consumption.

Improved Hydraulic Regeneration System

Regeneration System Regeneration circuits in the boom & arm function results into faster movement by routing return oil through check valve in the main circuit. It prevents cavitation & enhances cylinder speed.

Boom Priority System

The hydraulic oil flow priority is given to boom circuit during combine operation for faster boom while loading or performing deep excavations. This priority is of two types: boom over arm & boom over swing. Hence, such precise control of each actuator’s flow distribution leads to improve combined operation efficiency resulting in higher productivity.

Best in class Operator Comfort

SY350LC-9H offers excellent operator comfort with fully adjustable suspension seat, ergonomic and smooth joystick, informative and user friendly display, Auto climate control AC and many more features.. Apart from comfort it also provides safer operating environment to the operator with rigid and strong pillars, front and top cab guards which protect the operator if any mishaps happens.

Multiple Working Modes

Four working modes are displayed for your different requirements at various jobsites.
Heavy-duty mode maximizes the operating efficiency, standard mode reduces fuel consumption and noise, light-duty mode is economical with lower fuel consumption, and breaker mode specially designed for hammer operation.

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