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SANY SY240C-9HD GraMa Excavator

Operating weight-24410 Kg

Rated Engine Power: 173HP@2100rpm

Boom: 5900 mm

Arm: 2900mm/2500mm

Optional Bucket-Granite bucket: 1.4-GP/1.2-HD

SANY SY240C-9HD GraMa Excavator

New SY240C-9HD GraMa is 24Ton mid class excavator specially designed by SANY to perform in heavy duty applications like marble & granite. SY240 GraMa excavator comes with powerful and fuel efficient 6 cylinder Isuzu engine with 173hp power .This SANY's most reliable excavator built for power, stability & performance. The heavy duty & longer crawler offering with this machine delivers excellent durability and reliability for longer operation & making it a versatile tool carrier. Auto refill pump with ACL system reduce operator fatigue and makes machine daily maintenance easier.

Excellent Performance

-SY240C-9HD GraMa is powered by well renowned powerful Isuzu Engine with exceptional power and work capacity without compromising on fuel economy.

-Sany’s customized hydraulic regeneration circuit and priority control system enables high performance without compromising fuel efficiency.

-Advanced Dynamic Optimization Matching Control System with various work modes provide excellent fuel efficiency.

- Super high digging forces& momentary Hydraulic power boost system results in high productivity irrespective of site conditions

More Stable & reliable

-Roust & durable front attachment with forged & casted pivot ends improves overall machine life

-Specially designed forged slew ring body & comprehensive reinforcement makes overall machine more robust

-12mm thick Ultra HD track shoes & Reinforced lower structure allows this machine to withstand under rough conditions

-Specially designed full hardox plate constructed scoop bucket ensures extended service life & special bucket profile ables to lift granite block easily

-High operating weight within class & LC undercarriage makes this excavator more stable & productive on rough terrain

Best in class operator comfort & safety

-Multi duct, High capacity, fully automatic AC system provides more comfort to the operator which also leads to more productivity.

-Air suspension seat with multi adjustments is adopted for more comfort. Thin & long joysticks are smartly designed for smooth operational control.

-SY240 GraMa excavator focused on higher operator safety provided with ultra-silent ROPS cab, Front lower & top cabin protective guards.

-Large windows of newly designed cab provide a wider work site view to the operator while working in tough mining conditions.

Best In class Serviceability

-SY240 GraMa excavator equipped with high performance hydraulic & engine oil filters to ensure high efficiency filtration with long service intervals.

-Self-diagnosis system with more no of error codes & service reminder for easy maintenance

-Fuel refill pump & ACLS option make the machine maintenance easier which helps to enhance machine uptime.

-Multi stage fuel filtration system with high capacity fuel filters improves overall engine efficiency as well as reduce machine maintenance cost

Advanced Remote Management system (EVI)

-EVI system is independently designed and developed by Sany to help the Customers to monitor & manage their entire fleet very effectively to earn maximum profit.

- It comes with new features like, Fuel Consumption monitoring, Swing & Travel utilization mapping which helps the user to effectively plan the maintenance & leads to high machine uptime.

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