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Rail-Mounted Container Gantry Crane

Rated Hoisting Capacity Under Spreader : 35 t/ 41 t / 50 t/65t

Span : 30~45 m

Hoisting Height : 12.4m~18.2 m

Rail-Mounted Container Gantry Crane

SANY RMG is custom designed and manufactured based on the practical condition on your ports or yards. Standard RMG crane is modular designed and has displayed outstanding performance at ports across the globe. SANY is committed to providing you the best RMG crane in the shortest period

Excellent Performance

1. Auto-tracking and auto-hoisting system ensure safety and improve efficiency 2. Four frequency conversion anti-sway motors applied to spreader 3. Soft landing of spreader onto the container increase its service life 4. Real-time monitoring of the crane’s status on GCP&IEM system shorten downtime 5. Deflection of the frame will be rectified to prevent rail gnawing of gantry 6. Dynamic reactive compensation and harmonic suppression maintain the grid stability 7. Tailored heavy-load frequency conversion driving system for stable movement 8. Elegant shape, compact structure and appropriate layout

Comfortable Operation

1. Superior inclusive view from the cab ease tension and fatigue of operator 2. Centralized S+B joystick ensure precise control and convenient operation 3. Centralized console with appropriate layout and ergonomic design 4. 10.1 inch high-resolution touch screen 5. Damping suspension seat is comfortable, ventilating and adjustable 6. Multi-function air-conditioner is anti-fog, defrosting and ventilating Sound-absorbing and denoising Radio in the cab

Detail Highlights

1. Gantry mechanism with drives on 4 angles is more efficient and stable 2. Gantry travelling and trolley traversing mechanisms are optimized 3. Frame structure with long service life, handrails, skid-proof steps mounted on girder 4. Wind-protection anchoring system to keep the crane stable 5. Integrated electric system ensure safe and reliable operation 6. Environment friendly and energy saving

Manufacture and Delivery

1. CAE design system, EB electric system, FEA analysis, kinematics and dynamics simulation calculation are applied 2. Precise processing to all the hinge holes ensure a long service life of all parts 3. Design and manufacturing of structure all conform to AWS, advanced coating prevents erosion from salt spray 4. Rigorous test and detection system including fatigue, vibration, control, power etc. 5. Delivery of RMG crane after assembled is optional

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