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Zero Tail Swing Mini Excavator Machine - SY55U

Operating Weight: 5200 Kg

Rated Engine Power: 42HP@ 2200 rpm

Boom: 2700mm

Arm: 1500mm

Bucket: 0.18 Cum

Zero Tail Swing Mini Excavator Machine - SY55U

SY55U is a compact and powerful machine incorporated with the ability to rotate at the base while remaining within the width of its track called “ZERO TAIL SWING” and hence easily work at tight and compact space. Optimized engine & hydraulic pump control enabled with 3 operating modes offer best in class output & fuel efficiency in toughest applications. With improved design and manufacturing processes, this machine gives a reliable performance for longer period of time. With remote monitoring system, called EVI, helps the user to monitor various operating parameters and result into better service efficiency.

Compact and Versatile

SY55U has compact design with ability to rotate the base of upper frame while remaining within width of its track (ZTS), thereby highly versatile to operate within tight, confined spaces as well as in close proximity to walls, foundations & other obstacles in machine’s working range.
Its independent boom swing & boom offset feature helps to dig very close to wall.
Higher working ranges provide excellent versatility in deep digging & loading applications.

Excellent Performance

SY55U machine is fitted with proven performance engine well-known for powerful & reliable performance with better fuel economy.
Specially designed advanced hydraulic system delivers optimum flow required for the job for optimum fuel efficiency.
Work modes & auto idle features further helps to reduce overall fuel consumption, thereby more savings to the Customers.

High on Reliability

Reliable & durable major aggregates with rigid structures provide unmatched performance in terms of service life.

High on Operator Comfort & Easy to Use

Its ergonomically placed levers with pilot control system provide smooth & comfortable operation experience.
Use of canopy facilitates all round visibility, very useful in working in tight spaces. Wide opening hood covers are supported with mechanical struts enables the operator to easily access all critical maintenance components.

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