CERA’s Visit to SANY China: Exploring Collaborative Opportunities

15 May 2019

The first Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition was held in Changsha between 15th to 18th May 2019. With more than 2,13,000 sq.m exhibition space and 1150 leading enterprises this was one of the biggest expo in China. Mr. Satin Sachdeva (Founder and Secretary General) and Key Delegates from Construction Equipment Rental Association (CERA) – a premier rental association from India also visited this exhibition to witness the SANY Stall- the biggest stall in this exhibition.

As the world's leading manufacturer of construction machinery, Sany displayed 68 products, including concrete machinery, road construction machinery, excavation machinery, lifting machinery, piling machinery, port machinery, coal machinery, 90% of which were new products and made extraordinary appearance in this industry event.

. SANY theme for this event was “Digital SANY Smart Future”. Apart from CERA delegates also appreciated the traditional Dragon and Elephant dance organised by SANY. Later, CERA Team also visited SANY’s state of the Art Industrial Park at Changsha which manufactures concrete, road, port machinery and cranes. They also visited SANY’s Ning Xiang Crane Factory, and appreciated the entire visit.