SANY India is located in Chakan, Pune, Maharashtra. For more details please click here .

SANY India offers a wide range of products across earthmoving, hoisting, deep foundation, mining, ports, road and renewable energy sectors. Explore our website or contact our sales team for a comprehensive list of products.

To locate your nearest SANY dealership, you can use the “Network” tab on our website. Simply enter your location or choose it from the provided options, and the tab on our website will display the nearest dealerships along with their contact details.

To purchase SANY Genuine Parts, you can reach out to your nearest SANY dealership or contact our Service Team. They will assist you in identifying the specific parts you need and guide you through the purchasing process. Alternatively, you can connect with us on our official Whatsapp number and also contact our customer support toll-free  team for further assistance.

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For detailed pricing information on SANY products, we recommend clicking on the “Get a Quote” option on the top which will enable our team to get in touch with you and provide you with the necessary information.

To get your SANY machine serviced, you can reach out to us via multiple platforms like “Whatsapp”  or call on our “Toll-free” number.