Sany India Sets a New Precedent in the Industry

15 October 2020

Sany India a leading manufacturer of construction equipment & heavy machinery, have set a new example of leading from the front. The company has taken a slew of measures to help its partners sail through the pandemic with ease. Sany India helped all its 35 dealers steer through the challenging phase by implementing multiple initiatives to sustain and improve the cash flow for the dealer partners. This included an extension of the credit period on all the receivables against supply of construction equipment & its spare parts, extended warranty support to customers and helping the dealers with salary support for around 1100 plus employees who were on the dealer pay role across India & South Asia during the Pandemic. Sany’s timely financial support resulted in a three-pronged effect on their dealers who were able to sustain their business, retain their manpower, and bounce back with full force when markets reopened. This helped in mitigating the impact of the lockdown once the markets reopened.

Sany India has always believed the dealers to be its pillars of growth and these actions have reaffirmed the faith of dealer partners in the brand. Sany’s efforts in providing substantial financial support to dealers demonstrate its commitment to help the partners in difficult times/by putting values ahead of profit. Speaking on this Mr. Deepak Garg, Managing Director, Sany India & South Asia said,” “I feel we have channelized the financial robustness of our company in the right direction by helping our dealers in their times of need. Our judicious support has helped all our dealers combat this crisis without the fear of an imminent shutdown of their business. Covid has taught us that if we support each other during difficult times, we emerge as a stronger and a more committed workforce.” He further added that” “At Sany India, we also ensured that pandemic does not affect our employees in any possible way.”

It will be pertinent to mention here that when most of the companies across the world are forced to lay off their employees Sany India stands apart by announcing promotions and increments.  The company’s strong financial standing can be attributed to its long-term focus on localization and R&D efforts coupled with the resolve to provide Top Class Quality in each piece of equipment that it manufactures. The time during the lockdown was ingeniously utilized for strengthening it’s ties with customers & financiers, multiple trainings and development to upskill it’s workforce and fast tracking the development of new products and localization initiatives.