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20 Ton Hydraulic Crawler Excavator- SY210C-9

Operating Weight: 20900 Kg

Rated Engine Power: 140 HP @2000 rpm

Boom: 5700 mm

Arm: 2400mm

Bucket: 0.90 Cum HD/ 1.0 Cum GP

20 Ton Hydraulic Crawler Excavator- SY210C-9

SY210C-9 is a 21-ton hydraulic crawler excavator which is designed to deliver best value for your investment. This excavator machine comes with strengthened structure, sturdy undercarriage and components, making it very robust and reliable. Low maintenance cost and high fuel efficiency of the SY210C-9 excavator are for sale and help customers maximize their earnings. It incorporates advanced dynamic control thanks to its DOMCS Intelligent control which ensures optimum output with less fuel consumption. This machine features like Advanced GPRS monitoring, remote error diagnosis and smart machine alerts makes it much more intelligent than any other competition.

High on Performance

SY210C-9 is powered by well renowned performance proven branded engine with exceptional power and work capacity without compromising on fuel economy.
The 6 cylinder water cooled diesel engine is equipped with turbocharger delivering 140hp @ 2000rpm to meet extreme power requirements of the Customers in this segment.
The engine features new side-by-side cooling system that maintains engine performance even under extreme variation in temperatures.
Customized power modes and two stage auto idle makes this machine best suitable to operate in stringent applications while delivering excellent fuel economy.

Advanced Hydraulic System

When the machine deals with operating requirement of moving heavy material quickly and efficiently, it needs the best hydraulic power that SY210C-9 offers.
The oil flow rate is directly proportional to the load on the work tool. It puts flow exactly where one needs it, to facilitate smoother operations and with great efficiency for higher productivity at optimised fuel economy.
The advance control valve, which has been thoroughly optimised, provides excellent performance in combined operations.

Enhanced Reliability

Structures developed by Sany’s world class design and R&D expertise provide unmatched reliability in wide variety of applications.
The boom and arm is made of large box type structure welded with high strength steel sheet. Welded plates for excellent torsional resistance inside the structure leads to unmatched durability that prevents deformation under harsh conditions.

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