Safety Protocols While Working with a Mining Dump Truck

Category: Uncategorized | 08 June 2023

No matter where you’re working - whether on a mine site or a construction site, all safety procedures should be followed when working with a mining dump truck. Safety practices such as wearing the appropriate protective gear and reading the manual of the equipment before operation of the machine should be adhered to. Here are some tips to ensure safety while working with a mining dump truck:

Regular Inspections: Daily inspection of the machines should be done. The pressure of the tires, suspension and lift cylinders should be regularly checked. The pins of the machines should be properly lubricated. Keeping the dump truck in proper condition is essential to ensure safe working conditions. Regular inspections of the machine will allow you to find any issues with the dump truck before any operation so as to avoid hazards at the construction site

Electrical Safety: Wires that are lying loose on the ground can be a serious threat at the construction site. Checking for wires above the area before lifting the bed of the truck could prevent giving a shock to the dump truck operator. Another way to ensure the operator of the dump truck of the power lines is to have a person providing signals working with them. Such a person is known as a signaler. Also, the truck should not be moved while the bed is raised to avoid contact with electrical wires.

On-Site Safety: It is important to ensure that on-site safety regulations are being followed. Safety equipment should also be kept within the reach of everybody at the site so that it can be easily accessed in case someone needs it. The alarm and warning lights should be used always when reversing or while entering the site of construction to ensure nobody gets hit. The operator shall also be wearing a protective vest and protective footwear so that his safety is in place.

Precautions while offloading: One of the most important things to keep in mind while offloading from your truck is that the ground beneath the truck is levelled. When the bed is raised, the truck becomes unstable. Hence, it is essential to check whether you are on a surface that is levelled before raising the bed. Using firmly packed soil and gravel while offloading are the ideal options.

Distribution of load: It is vital that the load is evenly distributed to ensure that the balance of the truck is maintained and is stable. When too much load is there on either side of the bed, it can ruin the balance of the truck and could be dangerous while taking load from one place to another. Hence, there should be an even distribution of the load.

All these safety protocols should be followed to ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of work at the site.