Overview of Finance and Insurance


Financiers play a major role in construction equipment sales in India. Over 95% of the machines sold in India are financed by PSU banks, Private Banks and Non-Banking Finance Companies. There are 18 private banks and finance companies that fund construction equipments in India. Given the dynamic growth of SANY India in the past, we have tied up with all the major financiers and bankers’ financiers to finance any SANY equipment in India. Financiers are eager to fund all categories of customers for Sany equipment, including buyers buying products for the first time.


Sany at its end extends support to its preferred financier partners in portfolio management
Sany collects month on month portfolio report from all financers and follow up with customers to pay their dues to financiers.
Sany India dealer managers in turn urge default customers to urge them to update their dues
Upon machine repossession by financer, Sany inspect the machine
Provide free parts change, and also fit some missing parts (Like bucket, cabin glass etc.) on good will to enhance resale prices.
Sany provided conditional warranty for these machines to enhance new buyer’s confidence and resale price

SANY India designs various financing schemes for our authorized dealers to offer the best financing support. We have excellent working relationship with the following financial organizations: