• SR285RC8
  • SR285RC8


285 kN.m Torque Piling Rig

  • Max. Pile Diameter:2300mm
  • Max. Pile Depth:88/57m
  • Max. Output Torque:285kN.m
  • Engine Power:250/2000kW/rpm
  • Automatic crowding control system
  • 24-Hour Online Support
  • Global Service Network
  • Technical Solutions

Superior Performance

New Generation Rotary Drive

The piling rig SR285RC8 adopts multi-gear control and self-adaption technology to realize the perfect match of crowd force and torque, the cutting efficiency can be increased by 15%.

Construction Control Management System

Featured with leading active prevention technologies such as operability, fault alarm, monitoring and information recording/transmission.

Excellent Performance

The first chassis equipped with Kawasaki load control system is highly efficient and energy saving; Main winch confluence technology is adopted and the maximum speed reaches 70m/min.

Strong Rock Drilling Ability

Rotary drive of 260KN crowd force and 280KN•m torque rank the first in the industry; The upgraded and strengthened Kelly bar can realize the pile depth of 61m (interlocking bar) and 94m (friction bar).

Safety and Reliability

Reliable Structure

The light-weight pulley yoke, strengthened mast, new mast pivot and crowd sledge, box-type connecting board and lengthened drive bar ensure the high quality of structural parts.

Stable Chassis

The new generation of chassis features with heavy weight; low gravity center and the extended width of 4740mm enable the piling rig SR285RC8 high stability.

Safety Design

A series of safety design ensure the safety of operator and other personnel such as 360° full vision monitoring system, sunroof with large view, alarm on monitor, guardrail and emergency exit.


Intelligent Service

The integrated electric cabinet realizes intelligent troubleshooting, which facilitates servicing.

Spacious Design

The design of divided access door provides enough space for maintenance and the layout of hydraulic system facilitates servicing.