Sany India Training


Training and Development is one of the key pillars at SANY India. We firmly believe that every individual can make a difference, when nurtured and trained. The idea of training and development at SANY India is to empower the complete ecosystem around the brand SANY in India.

SANY India today offers training to its employees, dealers, vendors to help them understand the DNA of the company.  Each day-long trainings/seminar is a power package of information that enables them to adhere and to be aware about compliances to avoid common unintentional violations. At these training sessions every individual has the opportunity to interact with SANY staff to better understand systems and processes that impact business practices.

SANY India contributes for domestic and overseas training. A multi-level training system helps us analyse the need for training. The past successful service training program have helped individuals increase customer / dealer confidence.

We believe that empowering customer/dealer acts as a key to create a bright future for SANY India. SANY India training centre is responsible for overseas training for Middle East, Africa and South East Asian countries.