Truck Cranes


SANY truck crane features by high stability, advanced design, multiple functions and ease of operation. With ultra-long and super strong boom system, SANY truck cranes have super lifting capacity. The adjustable hydraulic system and intelligent electric control system make the truck cranes in high efficiency and low fuel consumptions. 

  • SPC250


    25 Ton Truck Crane

    Max. Lifting Capacity:25t

    Max.Road Speed: 75km/h

    Boom Length:10.22-31.5m

  • SPC300


    30 Ton Truck Crane

    Max. Lifting Capacity:30t

    Max.Road Speed: 75km/h

    Boom Length:10.22-32m

  • SPC400


    40 Ton Truck Crane

    Max. Lifting Capacity:40 t

    Max.Road Speed: 75 km/hr

    Boom Length:10.5-40.5m

  • STC450C


    45 Ton Truck Crane

    Max. Lifting Capacity:45 t

    Max.Road Speed: 70 km/hr

    Boom Length:11.25-34.5m

  • STC500


    50 Ton Truck Crane

    Max. Lifting Capacity:50t

    Max.Road Speed: 85 km/h

    Boom Length:11.5-43m

  • STC600S


    60 Ton Truck Crane

    Max.Lifting Capacity:60 t

    Max.Road Speed: 80 km/hr

    Boom Length:11.3-59.9m

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