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SANY group follows the mission of "Quality changes the world". Keeping this core mission in mind we commit our energies and resources for bringing in quality in all aspects of our business and contribution to society. We try to inculcate this through manufacturing world class product and providing first class experience to our customers.

    Our Values
  • Customers, Innovation, Excellence
  • Respect, Collaboration
  • Integrity, Responsibility, Passion
    Our Vision
  • Build a first-class enterprise
  • Foster first-class talent
  • Make first-class contribution to society

The name "Sany" comes from the English pronunciation of the Chinese name of the company, which means "three ones", in reference to the three goals the company mentions as its vision: "To build a first-class enterprise, to foster first-class employees, and to make first-class contributions to society". The logo of the company makes reference to this phrase, as it contains three number ones interlinked.