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SANY India’s newly launched Excavator SY80C-9 shines

16 Dec 2020

Developed inline of the company’s firm belief, “Quality Changes the World”, Sany India latest powerful Hydraulic Excavator SY80C-9 is garnering praises from all corners of industry clients and reviewers. 

Latest to join the Sany India’s excavator league, a new Hydraulic Excavator SY80C-9 has earned the name in such a short span of time in the fishery and brick field industry of eastern coastal region in the country. With best in class specifications and operating expenses, the SY80C-9 excavator is playing a key role in the industry. Built with a powerful Kubota engine and superior synchronization with the hydraulic system it is the best in class to perform operations on a fishery. Sany India’s new excavator is truly a blessing in disguise and has turned the tough challenging operation significantly easy. 

It is pertinent to mention that, SANY India, the leading construction equipment company in the country has carved a niche in the manufacturing space with its advanced products, which delivers excellent performance and offers high reliability as well as ease of serviceability. 

Elucidating about the machine Mr Dheeraj Panda , Director Sales Marketing & Customer SupportSany Heavy Industry India Pvt Ltd , said, “The latest, hydraulic excavator SY80C-9 with advanced technology and enhanced specifications delivers our promise of productivity and a higher return on investment.  It does not only offer higher productivity but also ensures low fuel usage at operations. It is laced with a smart machine alert, robust undercarriage, heavy-duty structure, remote monitoring system, and advanced dynamic control features.”

Notably, the Government and companies’ increased focus on flawless construction in less time has also proven to be a boon for the industry. It is a major contributor to the significant rise in the demand for excavators around the world.  A major perk with excavators is that they can be used for several purposes including loading, digging, mining, and quarrying. Additionally, they also come with the capability of operating in all directions. Hydraulic excavators are particularly the most preferred among the many kinds for their ability to provide automated services, higher efficiency, and reduced response time. 

Sharing further Mr Panda stated, “We are all hoping that the demand for excavators will also pick pace as economies recover from the pandemic. In the meanwhile, we at Sany India stand committed to manufacture and provide the best in class products and services to all our customers. Sany continues to bring world-class technologies in our latest excavators in order to help the industries in boosting their productivity.” 
The advanced Sany hydraulic excavator SY80C-9  can be employed for a variety of applications in addition to Brick fields & Fisheries like general grading/landscaping, digging of trenches, holes, foundations, demolition, and construction.  
Sany SY80C-9 Hydraulic Excavator is a localized powerful 8 ton machine featuring the popular Kubota engine. It features a DOMCS load sensing system, variable displacement axial piston pumps, and has a bucket capacity of 0.32 m3.  It comes with an impressive engine power of 58.5HP (43kW)/2000rpm and a gigantic operating weight of 7920 kg. 
Furthermore, its specifications promise superior performance and leave no doubt that the new hydraulic excavator is both durable and highly fuel-efficient. 
To learn more about SY 80C-9 Excavator and other enquiries readers may call on 18002093337 or email at customercare@sany.in 

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