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Piling Machinery

SANY piling machinery boasts high efficiency with its performance higher than the common similar piling machine in the world. The enhanced shock absorber enables its cushioning ability to improve 4.3 times. The reliable structure ensures the piling machine can operate in harsh working condition. SANY piling rigs is widely used in civil engineering, city construction and railway piling construction. As drilling equipment, the piling rigs can be used in clay, pebble bed and rock. The powerful engine and reliable components make a solid foundation for rotary drilling rig to achieve excellent performance. And the intelligent design make safer operation and less troubleshooting cost.


Max. Pile Diameter: 1,500 mm
Max. Pile Depth: 56/44 m


Max. Pile Diameter: 1,800 mm
Max. Pile Depth: 64/51 m


Max. Pile Diameter: 2,000 mm
Max. Pile Depth: 68/54 m


Max. Pile Diameter: 2,200 mm
Max. Pile Depth: 73/58 m


Max. Pile Diameter: 2,300 mm
Max. Pile Depth: 94/61 m


Max. Pile Diameter: 2,500 mm
Max. Pile Depth: 100/65 m


Max. Pile Diameter: 2,800 mm
Max. Pile Depth: 106/69 m


Max. Pile Diameter: 3,000 mm
Max. Pile Depth: 112/72 m


Max. Pile Diameter: 3,000 mm
Max. Pile Depth: 116/95 m


Max. Pile Diameter: 3,200 mm
Max. Pile Depth: 120/100 m