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Max. Lifting Capacity: 400t

The length of Full Extend Boom + Jib: 84 + 84m

Rated power:298kW/1800rpm


SANY Crawler cranes features in top reliability and the highest operational efficiency with its lifting capacity ranging from 40t to 1600t. In 2011, SANY launched SCC36000, a twin-boom crawler crane with breakthrough tonnage never seen before in the industry. SANY has remained ahead in technological innovation, acquiring over 500 patents for crawler cranes on sales alone, ensuring its machines offer you maximum safety, stability and flexibility in whatever operating environment.


Fully-enclosed steel frame structure is adopted, and the front, side, and the top of the cab are installed with large-range high strength tempered glass, which provides good light permeability.
The driver's cab is featured with bright and capacious interior and wider vision. Multimode and multilevel adjustable seat (including damping, noise reduction, and suspension type) is available, providing the most comfortable driving experiences for the operator. Air conditioning is provided to adjust the indoor temperature to a proper figure.
The right and left armrests as well as the auxiliary operating box are installed with operating handles, control buttons, ignition lock and other components. The distribution of the seat, operating handle, and various control buttons shall be designed based on ergonomics, where the seat can be adjusted to the most favourable position to make the operation more comfortable. The driver's cab can be adjusted according to work demands so a

Hoisting Mechanism

A variable hydraulic motor drives the planetary gear reducer to control the lifting and lowering of main hoists I and II. A good inching performance is provided.
The highest speed can be realized through main hoist I and II. Synchronization function is designed. The largest parts of line is 36. Multiple layers of wire rope on fold-line drum can avoid messing rope.
The gearbox is quiet and efficient, with longer service life and convenient fuel change.

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