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Max. Lifting Capacity: 45t

Max. Road Speed: 50km/h

The length of Full Extend Boom + Jib: 51m

Rated power:220kW/2300rpm

Full Extension/retraction Time of Boom: 100s/100s


SANY truck crane also known as telescopic crane whose features are high stability, driving flexibility, high lifting performance, simple structure, and high efficiency with maximum lifting capacity ranging from 25t to 160t. The adjustable hydraulic system and intelligent electric control system make the truck cranes high efficiency and low fuel consumption.

Excellent and Stable Chassis Performance /Chassis

The original 45 tonnage crane of 2.5 width with compact structure, improving trafficability significantly. Double-axle drive is used, providing good trafficability and comfortableness under complex road condition with reliable traveling performance. Engine has the multimode power output function, which reduces power consumption. The use of tipping over early-warning technology provides high stability and safety of the overall operation.

Ultra Long, Super Strong and Highly Sensitive Load Lifting Capacity

Five-section boom of high strength steel structure and optimized U-shaped cross section reduces weight significantly with higher safety rates.

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