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14 Ton Crawler Small Excavator- SY140C-9S (Cummins)

Operating Weight: 14000Kg

Rated Engine Power Cummins: 100.5 HP @2200 rpm

Boom: 4600mm

Arm: 2100mm

Bucket: 0.72 Cum

14 Ton Crawler Small Excavator- SY140C-9S (Cummins)

Sany 140 C-9 is fitted with well renowned Cummins Engine. Its Superior synchronisation of engine with advanced hydraulic system offers best in class performance both on productivity and fuel consumption. Sany design also ensures improved life of components with less operating cost. It also offers best in class comfort and safe environment to operator. Easy serviceability and simplified maintenance also results in higher machine uptime. With remote monitoring system, called EVI helps tracking various parameters and result into better service efficiency.

High on Performance

Sany 140 C-9 is fitted with Industry proven & fuel efficient Cummins engine and optimized hydraulic system for moving heavy material quickly and efficiently.
Dynamic Optimization Matching Control System (DOMCS) integrated with operating modes provides enhanced performance.

Advanced Hydraulic System

When the machine deals with and operating requirement of moving heavy material quickly and efficiently, it needs the best hydraulic power that SY140C-9 offers.
Hydraulic valves ensure that oil flow is available at the point of priority as per required flow. This results on the best available power with less fuel consumption.
During Boom lowering and arm in operation, regeneration feature results into faster movement by routing oil through regeneration valve. It prevents cavitation and enhances hydraulic cylinder speed. This reduces friction losses, pressure drops ensuring more power to the ground for heavy duty applications with less fuel consumption.

High on Reliability

Boom and Arm are specially reinforced offering excellent wear resistance and durability.
Heavy duty upper frame and undercarriage is designed to withstand external shocks. X Type frame and box type structure improves the overall strength of the structural components.

Best in Class Operator Comfort

SANY excavator not only pursue higher working performance, it also focus on machine’s industrial design.
Each detail of the process which base on humanity design embody the design philosophy “Customer Care”, we provide the first class operating environment to the operators to turn them a productive operator.

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