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Max. Pile Diameter: 2,500 mm

Max. Pile Depth: 100/65 m

Max. Output Torque: 360 kN.m


SR360RC10 rotary drilling rig is suitable for large diameter hard rock drilling.

Best in Class Drilling Capacity

14-19m friction Kelly, 14-19m interlocking Kelly made of high strength steel tubes are available; Maximum output torque reaches 360kN.m, the maximum pile depth is 106m down, maximum pile diameter is 2500mm, 3000mm after remove the lower mast.
Isuzu engine with rated power of 300kW@1800rpm, six gears control provides strong power to the machine, improving the drilling capacity.
Main winch with dual reducer and dual motor delivers faster line speed of 75m/min, bigger lifting power with 360kN line pull.

SANY-ADMS Operation System

  • The first vertical touch screen on rotary drilling rig, adopt user friendly design and PIP technology.
  • Equipped with active prevention system. Realize self-diagnosis alarm and provide solution.

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