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Capacity – 45T, Row-wise Capacity – 45T/31T/15T

Sany Make SDJ450H-R1

Stacking Capacity – 5/5/4 High

Engine- Volvo TAD1151

Transmission- Dana - 15.5HR36000 / DANA TE30, Axle- Kessler


SANY reach stacker is engineered with power, rugged construction, operator visibility and manoeuvrability. Designed to easily handle 20, 30, 40 foot standard containers, the reach stackers can hoist and place up to 50 tons with precision. Tube, log stacking and tilting attachments extend its versatility. Whether working in a port, intermodal yard or rail facility, our reach stackers get the job done. SANY Reach Stacker is mainly used in ports, wharfs and storage yards to handle, transfer and stack various container and other materials.

Dynamic Anti-Rollover Protection Technology

Adopt intelligent control technology, detect equipment’s real-time working parameters and automatically adjust the operating status under dangerous conditions to prevent rollover. It can achieve safe and worry-free operation.

Automatic Fire Extinguishing Technology

The pipeline network automatic fire extinguisher with strong spray can realize fire alarm, anti-flaming and fire extinction functions. The fireproof performance is steady and reliable.

Efficient Control Technology

The centralized joystick has inching control function. It can realize fine tuning to millimetre precision easily. All the spreaders' motions are under proportional control, providing an experience of man-machine unification.

Anti-collision Technology of the Spreaders while Revolving

Intelligent control of the positions of spreaders and booms can effectively prevent collision among the spreader, frame and boom, avoiding accidents by faulty operation and greatly reducing labour intensity.

Automatic Braking Technology upon Reversing

Adopting technologies like laser scanning and graphic identification, the machine can precisely detect people or obstacles within the driving route and then brakes automatically to prevent accidents. It is highly intelligent with high safety.

Reliable Structure Design

The equipment is assured to be highly reliable and endurable by adopting full-digit prototype design system, going through FEA, dynamics simulation analysis, as well as strict endurance and vibration tests.

Power on Demand- Control System

Automatically recognize dynamic power according to load change and adjust engine speed accordingly. The output power automatically accommodate to load and work conditions, greatly reducing energy consumption. Automatically adjust the pump displacement according to the load, realizing high precision flow control. The effect of energy saving and consumption reduction are remarkable.

Vertical Lifting Technologies of Boom

The intelligent controller monitors the boom’s parameters at real-time, and automatically adjust the position of the boom to ensure vertical lifting of the spreader, which makes stacking safer and improves work efficiency significantly.

Solid Tyre Suspension Technology

Provide solid tyre flexible damping system according to customers' needs to achieve safer operation and lower maintenance cost. Combine with flexible suspension technology, it significantly reduced the shocking load, raised operation comfort and prolonged component longevity.

Variants of Attachments

We provide no’s of attachments & also quick interchangeability function to ensure the cost economic approach & the substantial saving on the time. The various attachments are as following: (a) SDJ450H: 45t new model container handling spreader ,Lightweight design, Energy Saving & Lower Fuel consumption (b) SDJ450F: 45t classic container handling spreader. (c) SDJE100: Empty Container Stacking, Capacity 10t. (d) SDJ450P: Intermodal Container Handling. Rated Capacity -45t (e) SWG310: Log/Wood Handling Spreader. Rated Capacity -31t. (f) SDJS320: Inclinable / tilt container handling Spreader. Rated Capacity-32t. (g) STP450: Tube Spreader- Also can handle Container/Bulk Cargo. Rated capacity-45t. (h) STH350: Large Tube Handler Spreader. Rated Capacity-35t. (i) SDJ400G: Hook Spreader, Bulk cargo handler. Rated Capacity-40t.

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