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Wind Turbines

SANY has emerged as a leading and competitive manufacturer of wind turbines and wind farm services for the global markets. Sany has been developing MW Class Wind Turbines for various wind regimes like India, China, USA, Africa and Brazil etc. since 2008. Sany provides an economically viable solution to the customers for investing in wind energy. Sany has so far installed the wind farms of around 4500 MW in different countries. Sany manufactures major components like Blades, Generators, Components of Gear box, Control System and other sub-systems as part of our vertical integration strategy. Quality control, efficient service, spare parts availability, improved power curve and comprehensive test system guarantee the quality of our wind turbine generators. SANY 2.5 MW Wind Turbine (Model SE14125) is designed for high power output at low to medium wind speed that prevails in India. With hub height of 90 and 130 m and rotor diameter of 140 m, this wind turbine is the biggest wind turbine in India in its class, which guarantees highest energy generation.

Key Features of this wind turbine are –
  1. Most Efficient Wind Turbine in its Class in India
  2. Designed for Low-medium Wind Regime Conditions
  3. High Efficiency and Availability
Sany also, supports its customers with –
  1. Wind Power Project Development
  2. Project Execution
  3. Long Term Operation & Maintenance (O&M) of wind turbines

Sany has developed futuristic wind turbine technologies in 3.X and 4.X MW class. For more details, please visit – https://www.sanyglobal.com/product/wind/
A wide product portfolio with a strong platform strategy devised by Sany enables its products to meet the specific requirements of the environments in different parts of the world with maximum adaptability. For both onshore and offshore wind power projects, you can always find machines from SANY that satisfy your requirements.

SE14125 -2.5 MW

SE14125 - 2.5 MW Wind Turbines | Largest Wind Turbine Manufacturer - Sany India

Rated Power : 2.5 MW
Rotor Diameter : 139.4 m