How our SKT90S Truck and SY800C-10HD Excavator Work Together to Improve Efficiency?

Category: Excavators | 08 June 2023

Sometimes it so happens that there are a number of trucks at the construction site waiting to be loaded while the fuel continues to burn with machine hours ticking away and the costs increase with every passing minute. No haul trucks are made matching with excavators to optimize the cycle times. A lot of different factors have been involved that influence each operation’s unique needs.

However, our SY800C-10HD excavator and SKT90S truck work extremely well together to decrease the operating expenses and increase efficiency on the site. 

The SY800C-10HD is one of our large hydraulic excavators with a displacement of 15.68L and an A-rated engine power of 506HP@1800 rpm. This one is built with greater strength to complement the high strength frame of SKT90S which effectively prevents the fatigue breakage of frames and reduces the overall stress level by almost 51% when compared with other mining trucks.

The 76.2-ton excavator when paired with the 60-ton dumping truck yields an average cycle time of approximately a minute. The machine is well equipped to keep the haulers moving.

Achieving efficiency is all about faster cycle times. The ideal rule for efficiency is almost 4 to 5 passes for loading a truck. This is helpful when aiming to achieve lower operational costs and lesser wear and tear of your machines. This way less fuel is burnt and the service intervals get slowed down.

Sany’s SKT90S wide-body dump truck was independently developed by Sany Heavy Equipment integrating the technologies of the wide-body mining truck and classic mining truck. It offers the customers all new mining transport products of high-cost performance and high safety to avoid hazards at the construction site.

Maneuverability can influence the viability of the SKT90S and SY800C-10HD on the site of construction. Since these are huge machines with a lot of features and technicalities, they have an edge over the smaller machines in terms of the number of passes required to get the job done. The SKT90S dumping truck comes with an intelligent electrical system that can troubleshoot some problems automatically and the 10” central control screen which is equipped with a reversing camera and a Bluetooth connection. Thus, it makes the machine compatible with an intelligent mine management system and hence making it easier to work with the excavators.

The front oil and gas suspension of the truck is significantly improved from the earlier models reducing the occurrence of various faults and thus increasing the life of the vehicle. Due to the harsh working conditions, the durable frames of Sany’s products makes it all the more appealing.

Matching dumping trucks to your excavators can lower your total cost of ownership on both the machines and increase the overall productivity. When you have machines that are either too small or too large as compared to the other ones, more fuel is wasted and the efficiency is affected. Thus, it is essential to match your excavators with the hauling/dumping truck that you are using. Our SKT90S and SY800C-10HD go perfectly well together when compared with each other.

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