Factors affecting the durability of excavators

Category: Excavators | 08 June 2023

According to statistical data, growth in demand for Earthmoving and Mining Equipment was almost 23%, wherein the growth of hydraulic excavators was almost 24% of it. Since the demand for construction equipment is increasing, it is essential to know which of these should be invested in. Excavators are equipment that is put to rough use because of the work that they are used for. These machines are used for a large variety of tasks - from digging trenches and holes to lifting waste and excavating mines. Excavators are used to fulfill a variety of contractor and industrial needs which include mining, road construction, building construction and demolitions. 

While the performance of the excavators is important, what is more, important is the durability of the equipment. Little differences in the quality of these machines make a huge difference in deciding the machine’s durability. There are a number of things to check when judging the durability of the excavators. Excavators should be purchased carefully keeping in mind the hazards caused by them in case of mishandling of the machine. Following are a few factors for you to judge the durability of excavators at the time of purchase of these machines :

1.Boom and arm : The most important factor while checking the durability of the excavator is to look for the boom and arm of the product. These are the parts that take up most of the hard work of the machine.  All the booms and arms are covered by steel plates. However, the difference comes in the thickness of the plates. The thicker these plates, the more durable your machine is. It is necessary that these parts are nicely covered and even better if you could get a warranty for these parts while purchasing an excavator. 

2. Wear plate between arm and bucket: Usually there is a lateral wear plate between the arm and bucket. If the excavator isn’t well designed, the plate would have to be cut off and re-built again. A wear plate that is well-made wears off less and is durable for a longer period of time. 

3. Upper and lower frame: Another factor to look out for when purchasing a durable excavator is the strength of the frames of the machine. Since this equipment has a rough usage, the frame is put under a lot of stress. Hence, it is important to look out for frames that are designed well and have greater strength. 

4.Slew ring grease bath : The slew ring is a rotational element that supports the heavy but slowly oscillating loads that the excavator picks out. The seal of the slew ring should be raised and thick enough to keep the water out and also easily accessible to check whether the water got in.

5.Electrical harness : The electrical harnesses on the excavator should be waterproof to avoid any mishap at the place of work. Also, the harnesses should be placed in such a way that is easily accessible from the ground level and can be checked regularly. 

6.Track motor cover : The track motor covers should be there with fully recessed areas to protect the bolt heads from damage. A lot of excavators in the market have exposed bolt heads which leads to damage in the early life stage of the machine. 

While these were a few basic factors to consider when purchasing your excavator, there are a few other ways as well which can extend the life of your excavator. It is extremely essential to perform regular check-ins and maintenance to ensure the durability of the machine. 

The telematics of your excavator is an important tool in increasing the lifespan of your machine. Pay attention to alerts given out and also, contact your dealer to discuss support options. Another step should be to look out for any damage done to the machine. Once the damage has been brought to your attention, take immediate action. The more wear and tear of the damaged machine will lead to damage of the parts which were all right in the first place. Regular inspection of fire extinguishers and water tanks should also be done to ensure the smooth functioning of your excavator.  

There are a number of companies manufacturing one of the most durable and highly reliable excavators, Sany India being one of them. These machines require minimum maintenance and provide greater ROI in the long run. 

Spending some extra time each day on the maintenance of it will not only improve your machine’s durability but also improve the efficiency of it.