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Sany Excavator

C-9 series of Excavators developed by SANY adopts major breakthrough ranging from power system to control system for high efficiency and energy savings. This in addition to insistence on “Quality-in-everything-we-do” has delivered the world class excavators best suited for the multitude of your work requirements with superior advantages of unlimited operations, unmatched productivity at better fuel economy, helping you maximise your gains Sany excavators come loaded with Dynamic Optimization Matching Control System (DOMCS) which realizes a match between the engine and external load demand for better fuel efficiency. Reinforced front attachments, strengthened upper structure and robust undercarriage provides Sany excavators enhanced reliability & long life of components hereby maximizing your gains. The machines have comfortable seating arrangements and cabin space for wider visibility and easy access to switches..


Smallest Mini Digger Compact Excavator- SY20U

Operating Weight: 1980 Kg
Rated Engine Power: 19.8HP@ 2400 rpm



Operating Weight: 5780 Kg
Rated Engine Power: 48.9HP@ 2100 rpm


SY27U Mini Excavator | Mini Excavator For Sale - Sany India

Operating Weight: 2680 Kg
Rated Engine Power: 20.4HP @ 2500 rpm


 SY35U Compact Mini excavator ZTS Machine | Sany India

Operating Weight: 3780 Kg
Rated Engine Power: 28HP@ 2200 rpm