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Mining Machinery

SANY mining machinery could meet all your requirements if you are looking for efficient, reliable and robust machines and low operation cost. Our mining equipment adopts genuine components provided by world famous manufacturers and advanced technologies, your best choice at demanding jobsites. Brand new design of light weight and hydraulic oil tank improve fuel efficiency. Our intelligent fault-diagnosis technique monitors the mining machinery real time, supporting projects progress.


Gross Power: 480KW(650hp)/1800rpm
Max. Torque: 2800 Nm (2065lb.ft)/1300rpm


Gross Power: 783KW (1050hp)/2100rpm
Max. Torque: 4629 Nm (3415lb.ft)/1300rpm


The frame, Axle and suspension are all strengthened
The bucket is widened and has high work efficiency


Gross Power: 350KW(470hp)/2100rpm
Max. Torque: 2300N.m(3118lb.ft)/1300rpm

Mining Dumper SKT90S

Engine Power: 390kW, 530HP@2100rpm
Vehicle Deadweight: 32T

Road Header

Cutter Power : 100kw to 418kw
Cutting Rock Hardness : f4 to f10

Coal Mining Machine

Max Single Boom Power : 330kW
Shortest Body length : >7m Overall Length