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Max. Lifting Capacity: 40t

The length of Full Extend Boom + Jib: 48.2m

Rated power:154kW/2200rpm

Full Extension/retraction Time of Boom: 90s/100s



SANY rough terrain crane features in ride comfort, high lifting capacity, high gradeability and high efficiency with its large approach angle and departure angle, Pivot swing suspension, all-wheel steering and driving, variable frame angle, large ground clearance and the maximum lifting capacity ranging from 25t to 120t.

Excellent Lifting Performance

The full extension length of the main boom is 31.5 m, and the height from the ground is 33.9 m, showing a leading position in the industry;
The maximum load moment of basic boom is 1175 kNm, and that of the full extension boom is 755 kNm, showing strong loading capacity;
With four U-type main booms, and single cylinder and rope extension mechanism, it is stable and efficient; With the installation angle for jibs as Trafficability and comfortableness of the complex road condition is improved thanks to its Min. turning radius of less than 5.5m.

Mobile and Flexible Carrier

With four-wheel drive, the maximum traveling speed is 37 km/h, and the maximum gradient is 105%, showing excellent dynamic performance.
With 4 steering modes such as front wheel steering, rear wheel steering, four wheel steering and crab steering, it is good in manoeuvring characteristics.

Efficient and Energy-Saving System

Load feedback, constant-power control piston pump and electric proportional control multi-valve system ensure the control precision and energy efficiency.
The dual-pump converging/dividing technology achieves the composite brake cylinder, ensuring the smooth operation and efficient inching.

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