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Max. Lifting Capacity: 60t

The length of Full Extend Boom + Jib: 59.5m

Rated power:210kW/2500rpm

Full Extension/retraction Time of Boom: 95s/110s


SANY rough terrain crane features in ride comfort, high lifting capacity, high gradeability and high efficiency with its large approach angle and departure angle, Pivot swing suspension, all-wheel steering and driving, variable frame angle, large ground clearance and the maximum lifting capacity ranging from 25t to 120t.

Excellent Performance

1. Key structural optimization, improve the product performance. 2. Over-length boom and high tensile steel U-sharped boom, which allows for decreased boom weight and increased boom strength. 3. Two-axle off-roader chassis, four-wheel driving, and four-steering modes have good mobility.

Energy and High Efficiency

1. The load sensitive variable displacement piston pump is applied to adjust the pump displacement in real time with little energy loss during operation. 2. The dead-weight luffing compensation hydraulic system is applied to ensure good micro-mobility and excellent stability. 3. The four-wheel steering control system is applied to ensure four individual steering modes with flexible operation. 4. The dual-circuit braking system is applied with individual brakes for front and rear wheels and pressure maintained by an accumulator, providing good braking effect. 5. Slewing and steering circuits are controlled by a priority valve, providing priority for steering control and ensuring the stability and rapid response of slewing action.

Safety and Reliable

1. Load moment limiter: The system can provide comprehensive protection for the lifting operation and will alarm if the crane is overloaded, guaranteeing operation safety. 2. A three-wrap rope protector is applied to both main and auxiliary winches to prevent over rolling out of wire rope. 3. A height limiter is applied at both boom and jib ends to prevent over-hoisting of the wire rope. 4. Equipped with length sensor, angle sensor and press sensor to indicate the working condition of whole crane in real-time, giving an alarm and cutting off the dangerous action automatically. 5. Use high-quality axle, engine, gearbox, hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor etc. key parts, improve the reliable of product.

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