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26 Ton Breaker Excavator - SY260BM

Operating Weight : 28610 kg

Rated Engine Power: 173 HP (128.5 kW)/ 2100 rpm

Boom: 5400 mm

Arm: 2100 mm

Bucket: 0.65 m³

26 Ton Breaker Excavator - SY260BM

SY260BM is the SANY's brand new breaking master which is industries first customized excavator for rock breaker application. SY260BM is the most fuel-efficient medium size customized breaker excavator, designed to provide 30T Class breaker output. It comes with a 173HP Isuzu engine which is the most reliable & fuel efficient in this segment. High performance cooling system with positive flow hydraulic system ensures quick response during rock breaking application. 

Stable & Reliable

Considering SY260BM excavator rock breaker application heavy-duty structures are designed & manufactured in SANY's world-class manufacturing unit which provides longer life in stringent applications. World-class branded proven major aggregates for enhancing life. 

Remote monitoring system

Comes with advanced Remote monitoring system called EVI, enables the user to monitor various performance parameters remotly, These details helps them to improve site efficiency, maximize operator performance while reducing maintenance cost.

High on Serviceability

All Filters are located in centralized locations, where they can be easily accessed and replaced. It reduces machine downtime & keeps your machine more productive. Radiator & oil cooler can be serviced individually as they are mounted side by side. Centralized greasing points on the boom & swing ring body give easy access during greasing. Long engine service interval leads to high machine uptime & low operating cost. Advanced Telematics system called EVI helps the Customer to remotely manage their excavator breaker machine very easily.

High on operator comfort

Specially design pressurized & low noise level cabin not only improve operator comfort but also improves overall machine productivity. A spacious cabin with effortless joysticks leads to fatigue less operation during long hours of continuous working. SANY's Auto Climate Controlled AC option offers precisely controlled cab temperature with fresh air. Fully adjustable wider suspension seat for more operator comfort. Overall visibility is more as compared to rivalrous due to single piece RH window & transparent roof cover

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