Why Investing in a High-Quality Crane is Worth It?

Category: Cranes | 08 June 2023

In the industries, logistics operation and construction site, you will need various equipment to complete your projects. This equipment makes the work faster and easier giving more accurate results than traditional manual methods. Cranes are used for multiple needs at job site, from weight lifting to moving materials horizontally, carnes are fit for a range of purposes.

However, not all cranes are created equal neither all crane prices are same, so investing in high-quality cranes can make a significant difference in terms of safety, productivity, and overall crane price. In this blog, we will explore why investing in a high-quality crane is worth it and what the parameters you must keep in mind while purchasing one are.

Reasons To Invest In High-Quality Crane:

1.     Better Safety

One of the reasons why you must consider a high-quality crane is it is designed with advanced safety features. It can handle counterweight, has automatic overload protection, and anti-two block systems, which can prevent accidents and injuries.

A high-quality crane is designed with quality raw materials, ensuring it can withstand heavy loads and adverse weather conditions. Functional safety is key with modern cranes, as it typically operates in an area where jobsite is surrounded by people making safety a crucial point for any crane service provider.

2.     Valuable Operational value

Since newer models come with many upgrades and changes, it helps businesses to increase productivity and reduce downtime. No matter you are a contractor or a builder, investing in a modern crane that can perform a range of tasks, helps in enhancing the efficiency at a job site. Whether be it lifting or lowering heavy weight, or moving things around at a job site, a crane with advanced features can conduct the same work at better efficiency and at lower time than any crane which is not equipped with similar features.

3.     Longevity

A high-quality crane is designed to last, with durable materials and components that require less maintenance and repairs over time. This can result in significant cost savings in terms of repaid, and maintenance costs. Cranes with better fuel efficiency and higher resistance have the reliability that translates into longer shelf-life and higher profitability. A crane at affordable crane price with higher durability offers better ROI. It enhances the business opportunity for contractor or builder, as the crane can be reused multiple times.

How To Define The Quality Of A Crane?

From the above-mentioned points, it is evident that investing in a good quality crane is worth the money. But with a range of cranes and manufacturers available in the market, how can you define a crane as good quality? Well, for that here are some KPIs that one should keep in mind to ensure the crane meets the business’s needs and requirements.

  1. Lifting Capacity: The crane’s lifting capacity must match the weight of the loads at the job site.
  2. Range of Boom Length: Consider the horizontal distance and lift height, for which you must know about the maximum main boom length, and auxiliary boom length. The boom length is calculated from the center pin of the crane to the center pin of the load.
  3. Service Support- Before purchasing any crane, you must be aware of the after-purchase services. Manufacturers who have support center across the country should be preferred over anyone who has poor after-purchase servicing.
  4. Load chart: You must read the load chart properly, which specifies the crane’s lifting capacity under different boom lengths and angles, providing critical information for sale and efficient crane operations.

In a Nutshell

Investing in high-quality cranes, can provide numerous benefits for businesses, including affordable crane price, enhanced safety, increased productivity, longevity, and versatility. When purchasing a crane, businesses should keep in mind the parameters of purchasing a quality crane that meets the requirement of their job site, and business. That said, given there are many crane manufacturing companies that are offering world-class quality. One amongst them is Sany India. The range of crane offered by Sany India includes crawler crane, truck crane, all-terrain crane, rough terrain crane, and tower crane which offers durability, require minimal maintenance and have long-shelf life that provides excellent performance at various job site. Check out our affordable range of cranes that enhance project efficiency and churn out ROI in the long run.