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SYG 5250 THB 370C-8

Max. Output 120cum/hr

Max. Delivery Pressure: 12MPA

Rated Engine Power:220 KW

Type Of Boom: RZ-5

Vertical Reach:36.5M. Horizontal Reach:31.5M. Reach Depth:24.8M

SYG 5250 THB 370C-8

Sany SYG5250THB 370C-8 truck-mounted concrete pump has 37m vertical reach with the height limit programmed to prevent boom contact with an obstruction or overhead hazard. The 37m concrete pump provides the users reliable pumping performance along with the highly wear resistant parts including delivery pipe, discharge port, transition bushing, concrete piston, wear plate, cutting ring and delivery cylinder that improve the pumping efficiency and reduce down time.

One Button “High- Low” Pressure Switch

One button “high-low” pressure switch technology makes Sany Truck Mounted Concrete Pump more operator friendly & helps in faster operation, which in turns resulting in high productivity & less fuel consumption.

Smart Boom System

Coordinated section operation to the boom can be rapidly and accurately repositioned by coordinating the movement the first and second sections which increases the safety & flexibility while operating.

Five Section Boom Section

Sany Offers 5 section RZ boom as standard fitment which makes it more compact. This offers more flexibilities for space constrains.

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