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21Ton Crawler Excavator-SY215C-9LC S (Mitsubishi)

Operating Weight: 21400 Kg

Rated Engine Power Sany Mitsubishi: 155 HP @2050rpm

Boom: 5700 mm

Arm: 2400 mm

Bucket: 1.0Cum GP/.090Cum HD

21Ton Crawler Excavator-SY215C-9LC S (Mitsubishi)

SY215 is a 21.4 ton hydraulic excavator newly developed to meet one level ahead of Customers requirements of this segment. This machine comes with 8 rollers long crawler, rigid structures, reliable and robust hydraulic components provide enhanced machine durability. Powerful & fuel efficient Sany Mitsubishi engine offers high operating efficiency and low fuel consumption. It also has easy maintenance and its low noise cabin provides comfortable operating environment.

High on Performance

SY215C-9 is powered by powerful & fuel efficient Sany Mitsubishi D06S2 with exceptional power and work capacity without compromising on fuel economy.
The 6 cylinder water cooled diesel engine is equipped with turbo charger to improve overall efficiency of engine.
Its longer undercarriage with higher operating weight enhances operating stability in tough underfoot condition.

High Efficient Hydraulics

Third Generation hydraulic Pump, 9 series control valve and swing motor with anti-rebound valve ensure efficient performance of the machine and maximizes productivity with reduced fuel consumption.

Power Optimization Control

The optimized control program is adapted to the power control selection under various operating conditions.
Its 4 mode provision ensures better suitability in different applications and working conditions.

Comfort and Safety

Its bigger cabin is equipped with fully adjustable suspension seat, luxury mechanical shock absorbers, car audio, cold and warm storage tanks, folders, cups and smoke devices makes it premium for the operator.
The operator’s safety is improved by using the anti-dump and anti-falling structure in the cab.
The easily accessible maintenance components like air filter, radiator, pilot and oil filters makes it very convenient to maintain thereby more uptime.

Reliability and Durability

Reinforced and strengthened structural components and bucket.
SY220 C-9 Heavy Duty and advanced design and test measures give a longer life to machine.

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