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Handler: Based on Wheel

Capacity : 48t


SANY material handlers with high efficiency and diversity are manufactured to load/unload bulks or cargos in port, terminal, intermodal yard or rail facility. In modular design, different chassis, power supply, cab, boom system and attachments are optional. Leading technologies are adopted to provide you the safe and reliable material handling equipment in the industry.

High Efficiency

1. Fast: Turning cycle in one minute can reach 8 times .Minimum working cycle can reach 30 seconds 2. Capacity: The maximum capacity of grab can reach 5 m. The efficiency of loading and unloading can reach 520 t/h. Can load 13 units 40 ton truck within one hour 3. Efficiency: 10% more Efficiency than competitors.

Energy Saving

1. Savings: Saving 10% fuel consumption by using Kawasaki positive hydraulic system and Sany DOMCS control system. 2. Lighter: Advance structure design, lighter and stronger. 3. Power on Demand: Smart controller can control the engine speed, output according to the real time capacity.

Working Range

1. Height: The maximum height point of stick can reach 19.3 m. The maximum height of handling can reach 16.8 m. The maximum horizontal view for operator is 6.2m 2. Reach: The maximum horizontal handling point can reach 19.6 m 3. Depth: The maximum deep handling point can reach 11.9 m.

Variants of Grab

1. Plum Blossom Grab: Capacity 1m3. Suitable for Waste steel handling & having Efficiency of 240-320 t/hour. 2. Double Shell Grab: Capacity 1.5 m3 to 5m3. Suitable for Grains, Coal, fertilizer, feed stuff, Sand, Gravel & Iron ore. 3. Wood Grab: Capacity 2m3. Suitable for wood handling. Efficiency of 320 t/hour.

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