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Max. Lifting Capacity: 80t

The length of Full Extend Boom + Jib: 47 + 17.5m

Rated power:212kW/2100rpm


SANY Crawler cranes features in top reliability and the highest operational efficiency with its lifting capacity ranging from 40t to 1600t. In 2011, SANY launched SCC36000, a twin-boom crawler crane with breakthrough tonnage never seen before in the industry. SANY has remained ahead in technological innovation, acquiring over 500 patents for crawler cranes on sales alone, ensuring its machines offer you maximum safety, stability and flexibility in whatever operating environment.

Efficient Hydraulic System

  • Main pumps: open variable displacement piston pumps of large displacement is adopted to provide oil supply for main actuators of main machine;
  • Gear pump: dual gear pump for swing, radiator and control circuit;
  • Control: main pump adopts electrically-controlled positive flow control, winch motor adopts limitless adjustable piston motor of variable displacement. The operating components are two cross hydraulic handle, one hydraulic pedal for telescopic boom, one dual travel pedal control valve to control various actuator proportionally;
  • Way of cooling: heat exchanger, fan core and multi-stage cooling;
  • Filter: large flow, high precision filter, with bypass valve and transmitter, which can remind the user to replace the filter element in time;

Main/Aux. Load Hoist Mechanism

  • Pump and motor: dual variable displacement with speed adjustable, to realize higher efficiency and lower down the energy. Winch balance valve combined with anti-hook sliding technology can make sure the load lifting steady;
  • Winch brake adopts wet type and spring loaded fin type normally engaged brake, spring force braking, oil pressure released;
  • Main and aux. load hoist system adopts piston motor of variable displacement to drive planetary gearbox.

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